Eligible participants:

  • master’s degree students (of MEIS and MISS) enrolled at their course of study for maximum the number of years of the course plus 2 a.y. MISS students' mobility must take place during the II semester of the II a.y.
  • doctoral students who have passed all the exams of the first three semesters and have had their research project approved at the end of the third semester. Doctoral students in the sixth semester of the programme  may not apply.

You may not apply:

  • if you will be receiving another grant from the EU for study or work purposes abroad in the same period ( Er+ traineeship, VII Programma Quadro of the RST, etc);
  • if you have previously been awarded an Erasmus scholarship which you subsequently renounced without observing the correct timeframe or without sufficient reason.

Host universities may have other requirements (particularly in relation to language level); it is the student’s responsibility to identify and, if necessary, satisfy these requirements.

Language requirements

  • It is necessary to have an adequate knowledge of the foreign language in which courses are held at the student’s host university. 

The minimum requirements are:

  • B2 level for English language areas
  • B1 for French and German areas

It is the student’s responsibility to check any other requirements their host university may have (as stated above), whether in relation to language ability or official certification, and, if necessary, to satisfy them independently.

How to fulfill the language requirements

It is possible to fulfill the language requirements by:

  • presenting an international language certificate at the required, or a higher, level (see the updated list on the CLA website), or certification that a language test of equal or higher level has been taken as part of the degree programme at the SIS;
  • in the absence of such certification, passing a language test at CLA.