Useful tips to submit your Application-on-Line

Read the following information carefully.The online application form can be filled in and saved bit by bit until the candidate decides that it is complete and then submits it.Once it has been submitted, the online application cannot be changed, added to or cancelled.

  • read the Announcement and Attachment 1 of the Announcement and assess the destinations that interest you (noting the specific details about each place – language area, length of time for which scholarships are given, subject areas, etc);
  • go on to the websites of the foreign universities you are considering and take note of their academic calendars and courses.  Finding the right courses is vital for your choice and for completing the section of the application form dealing with the educational reasons for your choice;
  • in the section dealing with the reasons of your choice you must state which of the courses offered at each of your chosen foreign universities you would like to attend.  It is possible that university websites will still only have information up about the previous a.y., but this will give you a good idea of the courses available, particularly as the courses offered by universities usually vary very little from year to year;
  • an evaluation of candidates’ reasons for choosing particular universities and courses is usually one of the criteria used when assessing the applications  and so it is vital that this section be filled out with great care in order to make the most of this one opportunity to make your application;
  • consult the International Mobility Office and the appropriate Destination Coordinator about the universities most suitable for your study program (they can also advise you on which courses to attend, which will determine when you go abroad);
  • fill out the online form in good time and submit it a few days before the deadline expires. 



What is necessary to  submit along with the Application:

students on the Master’s course

  • study programme/ thesis research project;
  • the required language certificate, if already in the candidate’s possession;
  • in case of thesis research project, the Host Institution’s acceptance (by email is sufficient).


doctoral students 

  • the required language certificate, if already in the candidate’s possession;
  • a specific research project, signed by the Coordinator of the Doctoral School;
    a declaration certifying the willingness of a faculty member at the host institution to supervise the doctoral student during their period of study abroad.

Selection criteria

After the closing date for applications, the SIS Erasmus Commission draws up a provisional ranked list of the candidates, according to language area.  The following criteria are used:

Master’s students

  1. points awarded for knowledge of languages 
  2. the weighted average of marks for university exams passed at the date of application;
  3. study/research project.


Doctoral students

  1. points awarded for knowledge of languages;
  2. the relevance of the student’s proposed study period abroad to their doctoral research.

The provisional ranked list is published on the School of International Studies website. 
Failure to hand in an acceptance form will be understood as an implicit rejection of the offered scholarship.

Procedures to be followed before departure
It is the student’s responsibility to:

  • enroll at the host university (using the appropriate Application Form) in accordance with the modalities and timeframe of that institution,
  • when necessary, fill out and send off the Accommodation Form in order to book accommodation.  Availability of accommodation and the procedures to be followed to acquire it vary from country to country: it is the student’s responsibility to contact their host university for further information;
  • send the host university, if they so require, an up to date list of the exams taken at Trento University.  Students can print off their own examination record directly, using Esse3;
  • agree a detailed study programme in collaboration with the Erasmus Coordinator using the appropriate Learning Agreement, available on the website, and agree upon any eventual additional requirements to be awarded the equivalent UniTrento credits upon return.



Extension request 

The extension request must be submitted at least one month before the end of the Erasmus period and must be approuved by the responsible person at the sending institution (prof. Caselli). The extension of the Erasmus period can be authorized only to complete the activities approuved with the learning agreement.