Before the departure the student must fill out by Esse3 a Learning Agreement that must include all the educational components to be carried out by the student at the Receiving Institution (in Table A) and it must contain as well the group of educational components that will be replaced in his/her degree by the Sending Institution (in Table B) upon successful completion of the study programme abroad.

The Learning Agreement must be approved by the Erasmus Departmental Coordinator (prof. Caselli) and by the host institution.

The study plan can be changed within 30 days from the beginning of the mobility. All parties must approve the changes to the Learning Agreement.

Guidelines LA on Esse3

The Learning Agreement may include:

For Master’s course students

  • exams to be taken abroad
  • thesis research activity. The student has to enclose a research project, signed by the supervisor who will have to certify his/her willingness to supervise the research activity. A second declaration certifying the willingness of a tutor at the host institution to supervise the student during his/her period of study there, is also needed.

Which exams can be taken?

  • Compulsory core curriculum courses (corsi obbligatori), optional specialised courses (corsi a scelta vincolata) - their contents must be consistent with those of the MEIS/MISS courses replaced.
  • elective courses (corsi a scelta libera) - they must be of graduate level and consistent with the MEIS/MISS study plan.
  • foreign language courses, even if they are not in the language in which the host university’s courses are taught, which will be recognised as 'libera scelta in sovrannumero' exams.

Which exams cannot be taken?

  • courses which have already been the subject of examinations at UniTrento cannot be included.
  • full 'libera scelta in sovrannumero' exams

For Doctoral students
Research activity. Doctoral students must be able to demonstrate that their research project and the study programme set out in their Learning Agreement are fully coherent.