Do you want to apply to the Erasmus+ Traineeship programme?

  • Make sure – in good time – that you have the requisite proficiency in the relevant foreign language.
  • Find out about placement opportunities;
  • Follow the correct procedures when making your application to the programme, and do not apply after the closing date given in the selection announcement.

Some practical advice

Motivation: the Erasmus Placement programme requires significant commitment on the part of its participants, arising out of strong personal motivation, a CV matching the requests of the hosting institution, a consistency between the activity plan and the degree  course.
Knowledge of a foreign language: the stay abroad offers a precious opportunity to improve one’s knowledge of (or, in the case of the more unusual languages, to learn from scratch) a foreign language. Students must already be sufficiently proficient in the language before departure, in order to be able to take active part in the life of the host country.
Living costs: the Erasmus grant is only a partial contribution towards the expenses that students will sustain while abroad.

UniTrento programme for Traineeship abroad offers the opportunity to be granted a scholarship for a traineeship in worldwide institution and organizations.

Students can participate applying with monthly deadline at “Traineeship Abroad”

The scholarship amount depends on to the destination: in Erasmus countries or in non European Countries

Application requirements

  • be regularly enrolled in one of UniTrento programmes, except for single courses students who must be enrolled at the time of departure. For PhD students being regularly enrolled means not having suspended their PhD programme;
  • possess a level of the language of the traineeship equal to or higher than B1. Carefully check how you are asked to certify the language level in the Table of language level in the download Box;
  • have a GPA registered on Esse3 equal to or higher than 24/30

If the traineeship is curricular:

  • have at least 60 CFU credits registered on Esse3
  • start the internship at the latest by 31st July of your extension year (meaning the1st year after the standard duration of your programme).

For post-graduation traineeship: having already graduated at the time of departure and finishing the traineeship at the latest within 12 months from the graduation date.

Mandatory attachments

  • the acceptance letter from the hosting institution;
  • the motivation letter already validated by the SIS traineeship delegate

Duration: 3 months

Once admitted, you’ll have to fill a Learning Agreement for Traineeship (TA) with contents and programme of the traineeship. The TA must be signed by the receiving institution, the student, and the SIS traineeship delegate. The signature of the TA and of the financial agreement (at International Mobility Office) is mandatory.

Recognition of credits

Within 15 days from the end of the internship, you have to submit the required paperwork to the International Mobility staff.

  • MEIS: 6 cfu + 1 thesis point
  • MISS: 6 cfu + 0.5 thesis point

MEIS guidelines for traineeship

MISS guidelines for traineeship