The School of International Studies participates in a number of agreements with foreign universities and research centers favouring the international mobility of both students and faculty members.

Students are encouraged to spend a period of study abroad, beyond through the Erasmus programme, with international exchange programmes or one of the School’s exchange programmes.
Agreements allowing student mobility entail a selection all for a mobility scholarship.

Full details.

Here follows the list of

Bilateral Agreements established by the University of Trento and of interest to SIS' students



Australia Melbourne University
Autralia University of Adelaide**
New Zealand Auckland University of Technology (only thesis research)
Brazil Pontificia Universidade de Rio de Janeiro (PUC Rio)
Brazil Universidade do Vale do Itajaí (UNIVALI)
Canada Carleton University
Canada McMaster University**
Canada Calgary University**
Canada Sherbrooke University**
Chile Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (PUC Chile)
China Zhejiang University (Hangzhou)
China Shanghai University
China Sichuan University
China Zhongnan Univrsity of Economics and Law**
Japan Hitotsubashi University (Tokyo)
Philippines University of the Philippines Diliman
USA University of Kansas
USA University of Massachussetts Lowell
USA Virginia Tech**
Vietnam Hanoi University**
Israel Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Israel University of Haifa

SIS coordinator

Mauro Caselli

Mobility duration

5 months

Mobility period

I or II semester


courses attendance

Eligible candidates

Master's students*

*Phd students can apply for funded opportunity of international mobility for doctoral research abroad.

  ** student mobility suspended (only for Phd and teaching staff)