The Board is the governmental body of the School. The Board is responsible for the planning  and implementation of the activities of the School, for the Program of the School and the possible updates and for the yearly Plan on the formative activities of the School; the Board may give opinions about the appointments by the Departments of the Professors or researchers that become members of the Graduate School Committee and that are at expense of the School budget. The Board is also responsible for the budget of the School.

The Board, on proposal of the responsible organs, plans the teaching and research activities and guarantees for their implementation. Moreover, it determines the technicalities concerning the procedures of acceptance, the teaching, the evaluation, the organization of the courses in terms of modules, the award of the units, the courses of foreign languages, the individual and group tutoring, the promotion of internship activities in national, European and international organizations, the contracts of visiting professors and of Italian and foreign experts involved in the activities of the School.

The Board may appoint an international Scientific Committee with advisory functions about the development of the activities of the School.
(Regulation of the School of International Studies, enacted with D.R. n. 1134 02.12.2005).

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