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Program Office 

Assistant to the Director
Silvia Tomaselli
e-mail: silvia.tomaselli [at] sis.unitn.it, direttore [at] sis.unitn.it, segreteria [at] sis.unitn.it
tel. +39 0461 283125


Secretariat of the Two-year Master's Degrees (MEIS and MISS)
Rosalia Amico
e-mail: meis [at] sis.unitn.it, miss.sis [at] si.unitn.it, sis [at] unitn.it, rosalia.amico [at] unitn.it
tel  +39 0461 283121

Secretariat of the PhD in International Studies
e-mail: phd [at] sis.unitn.it
tel  +39 0461 283150