relazioni annuali
relazioni annuali

The Student-Teacher Committee is responsible for monitoring the Taught Programmes and their quality (quality enhancement and quality accountability) and the support for students provided by professors and lecturers.

The Committee's dedication to transparency and accountability is evident in the preparation of the annual report. This comprehensive report, which is sent to the School Executive Board, the “Nucleo di Valutazione” (Evaluation Body), and the “PQA” (University Quality Assurance Board) of the University of Trento, is the result of a meticulous examination of each Master’s Course. It particularly focuses on the results of student opinion surveys, aiming to identify any specific problems in each Master’s course.

The report delves into various aspects of teaching, learning, and organisation that impact student satisfaction. These include the teaching staff, the regular career development of students, the provision of facilities and laboratories, the quality of services, and the organization of the rooms.

Comments or suggestions may be addressed to cpds.ssi [at]

Members of the Student-Teacher Committee:

  • Antonino Alì
  • Sondra Faccio
  • Sofia Graziani
  • Stefano Palestini
  • two students from each of the Master’s Degrees: Chiara Dinarello (MEIS), Alessandro Iurato (MEIS), Fabio Molinaro (MISS), Vera Povolato (MISS)

The Committee's reports are available in the Download box.

Resoconti CPDS
Resoconti CPDS