Workshop syllabus

The Learning Policy Advice workshop is an intensive course on policy writing techniques. The workshop offers both theoretical and vocational training. In particular, it has been designed to help students deepen their knowledge of both political and operational issues in the fields of international relations, diplomacy, international organisations, European Union external relations, crisis management, and multilateral political affairs, as well as to familiarise them with the specific office dynamics characterising policy jobs in international relations and EU external affairs. Among others, students will: get acquainted with the main aspects of political analysis and reporting; develop effective drafting techniques for political advice; learn practical methods for the elaboration of briefing notes; acquire abilities for the preparation of outreach documents, including speeches and press statements; develop awareness of institutional communication practices; become familiar with some key features of spin doctoring in international politics. The course revolves around three written individual exercises. Targeted feedback on students' output is provided at the end of simulations, individually and collectively, orally and in writing, through concrete suggestions and assessment. In addition to getting students more familiar with the daily work and challenges encountered by policy officers serving at the headquarter of an international organisation, at a foreign ministry, or in field offices and bilateral embassies, the vocational training also offers key skills that are relevant to mainstream selection procedures currently applied by most international institutions (i.e., Council of Europe, European Union, NATO, OSCE, United Nations offices, etc...) for entry level jobs or midmanagement posts.

Instructor's bio profile

Giulio Venneri is an administrator at the European Commission, currently the Head of the “Center of Thematic Expertise (CoTE) on Rule of Law, Fundamental Rights and Democracy” in DG NEAR. Previously, he was a team leader for rule of law matters related to Albania, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. In 2017-2020, he served as Permanent Secretary to the International Monitoring Operation (IMO), overseeing the vetting of magistrates in Albania. Prior to joining the Commission, he served in the "Global Issues” unit at the Italian Foreign Ministry. Apart from his policy work, Dr. Venneri is also active in academia and runs vocational trainings, like the Learning Policy Advice module at the LUISS University in Rome and the Policy Skills Lab at the University of Westminster in London. He has also regularly lectured at the University of Trento, the College of Europe in Bruges, the Université Libre de Bruxelles, among others. In 2010 he was awarded a PhD, with honours, by the School of International Studies at the University of Trento.