According to conventional and traditional definitions, security studies pertain to the phenomenon of war: their matters of investigation are the threat, use and control of military force. Post-Cold-War calls for broadening and widening the conceptualisation of security responded to the need of unpacking security challenges and policies by shifting from security-as-an-object to security-as-a-process as well as encouraging expertise cross-fertilisation. Along similar veins, the research cluster "International Security" aims at crossing disciplinary and area boundaries and benefits from SIS' signature feature, that is, inter- and trans-disciplinarity as the key to understand contemporary complexities of conflict and cooperation patterns. Inspired by a research vocation, our cluster aims at feeding and in turn being fed by the teaching activities especially charactering two of Master's Degrees hosted by the SIS and particularly anchored to the study of security at the global, international and transnational level: that is, the Master's Degree in International Security Studies, and the International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies.

Cluster's Members

  Research interests
Antonino ALI' EU Law, Interaction between EU Law and International Law, Protection of Human Rights in Europe, EU Counter-Terrorism Law
Stefano BENATI Voting Games, Cluster Analysis, Decision Science
Anna CASAGLIA Political and Economic Geography, Border Studies and Bordering Processes, Urban Geography
Mauro CASELLI International Economics, Development Economics
Georgios GLOUFTSIOS Critical Security Studies, International Political Sociology, Science and Technology Studies, Surveillance and Policing, Borders and Migration, Data Politics
Sofia GRAZIANI History, culture and politics of modern and contemporary China, Chinese Communist Party's management of youth, China-Italy relations, China's international relations and soft power strategy
Michele NICOLETTI International Political Theory, Ethics, Religions and International Politics
Marco PERTILE The Law of Armed Conflicts, International Law and Natural Resources, Human Rights Protection
Paolo ROSA Foreign Policy Analysis, Italy's Foreign and Military Behaviour, Chinese Politics, Strategic Cultures, Non-proliferation, Quantitative Analysis of Conflicts, Peace Research
Alessandra RUSSO International Relations; Security Studies; Comparative Regionalism (the role of international and regional organisations in the former Soviet area); EU External Relations

Organised civil society at EU level, Ethnonationalism, Anti-politics and populism, Anti-discrimination Policy

Stefano SCHIAVO International Economics, Network Analysis
Jens WOELK Comparative Constitutional Law, Federalism/Regionalism, Minority-protection, Constitutional Issues of EU Integration, Constitutional Transitions in South Eastern Europe