The Final Exam Commissions will be published on this page two weeks before the Final Exam.

Graduation     Submission Application
online (ESSE3)
Upload final Dissertation*
26.05.2022 27.04.2022 11.05.2022
06.10.2022 07.09.2022 21.09.2022
24.11.2022** 26.10.2022 09.11.2022
23.03.2023 22.02.2023 08.03.2023

* Within this date the student must also send by email a PDF copy of his/her thesis to the Supervisor, one to the Opponent and one to the President of the graduation committee. The student must also send by email a brief dissertation abstract and the bibliography to the other members of the Graduation Committee (in English and Italian language). 
** Students enrolled in the first year in 2020/21 will receive 0.5 thesis points if they graduate by this Graduation Session 

Please see the Graduation Final Exam Rules for further information.