The Final Exam Commissions will be published on this page two weeks before the Final Exam.

Graduation     Submission Application
online (ESSE3)
Upload final Dissertation*
23 March 2023  22 February 2023 08 March 2023
25 May 2023 * 26 April 2023 10 May 2023
09 November 2023 ** 11 October 2023 25 October 2023
21 March 2024 21 February 2024 06 March 2023

* The validity of the graduation session scheduled for 25 May 2023 is extended to the academic year 2021-22.

** Students enrolled in the first year in 2021/22 will receive 0.5 thesis points if they graduate by this Graduation Session 

Within 2 days of the publication of the committees' composition, students must email a copy of their thesis and abstract (in PDF format) to the committee members. If the thesis is written in a language other than English or Italian, the abstract must be translated into English. The School asks that no printed version of the thesis be provided.

The candidate will have approximately 10 to 15 minutes to present the Thesis, and a discussion with the Commission will follow.
Any slides and presentations must be available to the Commission on USB support.

Please see the Graduation Final Exam Rules for further information.