The School of International Studies is the only Graduate School of International Studies in Italy to offer advanced multidisciplinary programmes in European and international studies and international security for students following the completion of the undergraduate degree.  The School offers three full-time, two-year M.A. degrees (i.e., Lauree Magistrali): the Master's Degree in European and International Studies and, together with the Sant’Anna School of Advanced Studies (Pisa), the Master's Degree in International Security Studies; starting 2020/2021, the School will participate also in the International Master in Security, Intelligence and Strategic Studies, a 24 month Erasmus Mundus Joint Master Degree awarded by a consortium of four universities: University of Glasgow (UK), City Dublin University (Ireland), Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic), University of Trento. The School offers a Doctoral programme in International Studies. Highly-selective and demanding, the Ph.D. programme promotes a broad and in depth knowledge of the theoretical approaches of the various disciplines underpinning International Studies with the development and acquisition of analytical skills and tools needed in empirical research.

All programmes are founded upon the core disciplines of law, politics, history, and economics, and adopt a strong multi-disciplinary approach. Teaching takes place entirely in English

Alongside the taught courses, the School organizes a rich series of events and initiatives, ranging from Guest Lectures to Professional Workshops and Labs, from Conversations with professional practitioners to book presentations. These events and initiatives are designed to develop further learning opportunities and improve student's employability, thanks to the collaboration with many prestigious partners operating in the most salient fields of international affairs.