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The Graduate School Committee is the governing body of the PhD Programme in International Studies. It is chaired by the coordinator of the programme. The current members are:

Graduate School Committee of the PhD Program in International Studies

Alì Antonino Law antonino.al%C3%AC [at] unitn.it (antonino.alì@unitn.it)
Antoniolli Luisa Law Vincent.Dellasala [at] sis.unitn.it
Benati Stefano Economics stefano.benati [at] unitn.it
Bonatti Luigi Economics Sergio.Fabbrini [at] sis.unitn.it
Borzaga Matteo Law Matteo.Borzaga [at] unitn.it
Carta Paolo Law paolo.carta [at] unitn.it

Caselli Mauro Economics mauro.caselli [at] unitn.it
Di Nicola Andrea Law andrea.dinicola [at] transcrime.unitn.it
Foradori Paolo Political Science paolo.foradori [at] unitn.it
Fracasso Andrea Economics ANDREA.Facasso [at] sis.unitn.it
Fronza Emanuela Law Emanuela.Fronza [at] sis.unitn.it
Graziani Sofia History sofia.graziani [at] unitn.it
Parks Louisa Political Science louisa.parks [at] unitn.it

Pertile Marco Law marco.pertile [at] unitn.it
Rosa Paolo Political Science paolo.rosa [at] unitn.it
Ruzza Carlo Sociology carlo.ruzza [at] unitn.it
Schiavo Stefano Economics Sergio.Fabbrini [at] sis.unitn.it
Woelk Jens Law Sergio.Fabbrini [at] sis.unitn.it


Joining the GSC from outside the University of Trento:

Maddaluno Giuseppina (UNICRI - Turin, Italy) - maddaluno.giuseppina [at] unicri.it

Political Science