Current Post-doc Fellows 

  Area of research interest
Enrico CRISTOFOLETTI Policy evaluation; Regional development; Misallocation; Technological transformations
Alizée DAUCHY Migration policies; Border Security; Critical Security Studies; International Political Sociology; Science and Technology Studies; Freedom of Movement;  European Union (EU); Economic Community of West African States (Ecowas)
Alessandra FAVALLI Sixteenth century, France, Italy; Law Book; Production and Circulation of Normative Knowledge; Book Network
Edwin FOURRIER-NICOLAI Public Policies; Labour Economics; Poverty & Inequality
Bartek GOLDMANN Social Movements; Global Environmental Politics; Labour Sociology; Critical Political Economy; Social Theory; Sociology
Camilla PAGANI Securitization Theory; Heritage Diplomacy; Museum Diplomacy; Protection of Cultural Heritage; Identity Politics; Securitization of Migration
Filomena Medea TULLI International Law; State responsibility; Corporations; Human rights; Arms trade; International Investment Law
Emile Martijn VAN OMMEREN  Political Economy; Trade Policy; Food Security; Monetary Policy
Monika WEISSENSTEINER Legal Anthropology; Global Criminology; Security Studies; Police Cooperation, Schengen; AFSJ; Visual Methods and Visual Communication of Science

La rappresentante degli Assegnisti di ricerca della SSI é Monika Weissensteiner.

Past Post-doc Fellows

  Area of research interest
Carlo BERTI Political Communication; Journalism Studies; Populism; European Studies; Corruption Studies
Niccolò BERTUZZI Social Movements; Environmental Politics; Climate Change; Political Sociology; Sociology of Consumption
Peng BIN Regional Disparity in China; Chinese Growth; Structural Change
Francesco CHIESA Political philosophy; Applied ethics; Multiculturalism; Liberalism; Theories of Justice
Paolo COSSARINI Populism and Democratic Theory; Protest Movements and emotions; (Minority) Nationalism; Spanish and Latin American Politics
Sara de SIMONE African Politics; State-building; International Aid
Ludovica Di LULLO International Law; International Organization; International Security
Sondra FACCIO International Law; EU Trade Policies; Trade disputes
Marta FASAN Constitutional Law; Comparative Law; Law and New Technologies; Artificial Intelligence; Biolaw
Luca GIANGOLINI Book History; Book Trade; Military Law; Religious Discipline; Sixteenth Century; Seventeenth Century
Georgios GLOUFTSIOS Critical Security Studies; International Political Sociology; Science and Technology Studies
Irene LANDINI Social Policy; Social and Health Equity; Migration; Public-private Partnerships; Radical Parties and the Welfare Issue; Human Rights
Francesco MAGNO Cold War History; Environmental History; History of Eastern Europe; Romania; Bulgaria; Nationalism
Jasmine MONDOLO International Economics; Institutional Economics; Industrial Organization; Development Economics
Suay OZKULA Digital empowerment; Climate Justice; Environmental social movements; Digital Activism & Divides; Digital Research Methods
Martina SARTORI CGE Modeling for Climate Change Impacts; Environmental and Natural Resource Economics; Virtual Water Trace 
Chiara SISLER EU Law; Interaction between EU Law and International Law; Financial and Economic Crisis Management; Economic and Monetary Union; Banking Union
Vito TODESCHINI International Law; International Humanitarian Law; EU Trade Policies; Civil Wars; Annexation; Occupation
Serena TOMASI Philosophy of Law; Argumentation Theory;  Legal Reasoning; Critical Thinking; Rhetoric
Silvio TRAVERSO Political Economy; Applied Economics; Development Studies
Elissavet TSIOUMANI International Environmental Law; Human Rights; Politics of Food and Agriculture; Governance of Emerging Technologies; Science and Technology Studies
Umberto TULLI International History; The Crisis of the Seventies; European Integration and Transatlantic Relations
Paolo TURRINI International Legal Theory; International Economic Law; International Environmental Law