Do you want to apply to the Erasmus programme?

New Erasmus+ Programme

Starting from January 2014 the new Erasmus+ Programme has replaced the European Commission’s Lifelong Learning Programme (LLP) - Erasmus Programme.


Participating in the Erasmus+ programme

  • Make sure – in good time – that you have the requisite proficiency in the relevant foreign language.
  • Find out about the courses offered by the partner universities; this can be done by checking their websites and prospectuses.
  • Go to the annual presentation of the mobility programmes;
  • Follow the correct procedures when making your application to the programme, and do not apply after the closing date given in the selection announcement.

Some practical advice

Motivation:  the Erasmus programme requires significant commitment on the part of its participants, both of time and money.  A student’s decision to apply to the programme should therefore arise out of strong personal motivation.
Knowledge of a foreign language:  the stay abroad offers a precious opportunity to improve one’s knowledge of (or, in the case of the more unusual languages, to learn from scratch) a foreign language.  Students must already be sufficiently proficient in the language before departure, in order to be able to take active part in both university life and that of the host country generally.
Living costs:  the Erasmus grant is only a partial contribution towards the expenses that students will sustain while abroad.