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Students of the Master’s Degree in European and international Studies (MEIS) and of the Master's  Degree in International Security Studies (MISS) are advised to abide by certain rules and regulations regarding the various aspects of life at the School.

Regolamenti Didattici
International exchange programmes

Students following the MEIS may spend a period of study abroad either through the Erasmus programme or one of the School’s exchange programmes. Students are advised to carefully read the University directives concerning the International Dimension, the Erasmus regulations. More details are available at  Scientific Cooperation Agreements with SIS.

MEIS Internships and other activities

The teaching programme of the MEIS may be complemented by an internship and a Summer School or similar activities. Before undertaking these activities, MEIS students must gain the  approval of the Internship Coordinator of the MEIS. The form can be downloaded from the box at the bottom of this page and must be submitted to the MEIS Offce. If you need more information about the recognition of "thesis points" for an Internship  or a Summer School during the second year, please contact the Secretary's Office for the MEIS: meis [at] unitn.it

To activate an internship you must follow the procedure published on the website of the Job Guidance Office.

MEIS Graduation

The final exam for completion of the Master’s programme MEIS consists of the evaluation and discussion of a written dissertation (tesi) on one of the themes addressed during the course. Students are warmly advised to find out about the rules and regulations regarding the graduation procedure. More information is available at 'Graduation' page.