Workshops, Guest lectures, Seminars and Public events

The School of International Studies contributes to the organization of events directed to students and researchers, as well as the general public. 

In addition to Conferences and Research Workshops, and other events for the general public, the School organizes a lively series of Guest Lectures held by academics of international standing, Conversations with professional practitioners working in distinguished international organizations, and Professional Workshops and Labs

All the events taking place in the current semester are listed below. Unless indicated otherwise, all lectures will be held in Palazzo Paolo Prodi, via Tommaso Gar 14, Trento.

Past Events, Past Conversations with Professional Practitioners and Past Guest Lectures can be found on a dedicated webpage.

Spring Semester 2022/2023

Tuesday 21 February 2023, 14:15 - 16:00 (EURAC SIS Annual Lecture on Federalism)

Accommodating Secession within The EU Constitutional Order of States
Nikos Skoutaris - University of East Anglia, UK

Tuesday 28 February 2023, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture - Presentation by incoming mobility scholar)

Conflicts around urban development and planning: dispute resolution from a legal lens
Ivan Medvedev - University of Trento - SIS

Tuesday 7 March 2023, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

The EU and the (Geo)Politics of the Arctic
Andreas Raspotnik - The Arctic Institute, Norway

Tuesday 14 March 2023, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Authoritarian Contagion: Central Asia and the International Politics of the Pandemic
Luca Anceschi - University of Glasgow

Tuesday 21 March 2023, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Climate Extremes and Rural Livelihood in Africa
Giacomo Pallante - University of Trento - SIS

Tuesday 28 March 2023, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture Series - GreenDealNET)

Delivering on the European Green Deal: Governing the Climate Transition beyond Emission Reductions
Sebastian Oberthür - Brussels School of Governance VUB

Tuesday 4 April 2023, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture Series - GreenDealNET)

Seeing the Forest for the Trees? Regulating Land and Forest Uses for Net Zero
Annalisa Savaresi - University of Eastern Finland

Tuesday 18 April 2023, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Unites States and China: Competing Visions of the International Order
Matteo Dian - University of Bologna

Fall Semester 2022/2023

30 September 2022 - 24 March 2023 (Series)

Webinar Series "Women in International Affairs". Biographies of remarkable women

Tuesday 8 November 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

The State of Agricultural Commodity Markets 2022. The geography of food and agricultural trade: Policy approaches for sustainable development
George Rapsomanikis - FAO Markets and Trade Division

Tuesday 15 November 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Energy crisis: EU policy response and potential implications for the European Green Deal
Giovanni Sgaravatti - Bruegel

Tuesday 22 November 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Navigating troubling waters: China’s relations with the Persian Gulf
Jacopo Scita - Policy Fellow at Bourse & Bazaar Foundation

Tuesday 6 November 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture Series - GreenDealNET)

The EU & Africa for green transition: Enhancing resilience to climate change, energy access and ensuring economic development
Duccio Maria Tenti - European Commission 

Spring Semester 2021/2022

Monday 31 January 2022, 14:15 - 16:00

La partita dell'euro. Italia-Germania tra cronaca e storia
Mauro Battocchi, Ambasciatore d'Italia presso la Repubblica del Cile

Monday 7 - Tuesday 8 February 2022 (International Conference)

The Rule of Law in the European Union and the Consequencies of its Violations

Tuesday 1 March 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Exploring the conflict-environment nexus: an international legal perspective on environmental peacebuilding
Daniëlla Dam-De Jong - Leiden University (The Netherlands)

Tuesday 8 Marzo 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

“We always have a big stick in reserve”: Punitive approaches to disorder and crime in European cities
Anna di Ronco - University of Essex

Thursday 10 March, 18:00 - 20:00 (Seminar)

SIS Talks - The War in Ukraine
Neil MacFarlane - Lester B. Pearson Professor of International Relations, University of Oxford
Sara Lorenzini - Professor of Contemporary History, University of Trento
Giuseppe Nesi - Professor of International Law, University of Trento
Alessandra Russo - Assistant Professor of Politics and International Relations, University of Trento

Tuesday 15 March 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Creating Public Value in Regional Policy: Bringing citizens back in
Andreja Pegan - University of Primorska (Slovenia)

Monday 21 March 2022, 18:00 - 19:30 (Alumnus meeting)

EU back to University. A European Union initiative to share views on Europe
Emanuele Barbarossa - Legal and Policy Officer at the Council of the European Union

Tuesday 22 March 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Approaches to the study of radicalisation in social sciences
Daniela Pisoiu - Austrian Institute for International Affairs

Thursday 24 March, 18:00 - 19:30 (Seminar)

SIS Talks - La guerra in Ucraina: la prospettiva europea
Luisa Antoniolli - Università di Trento 
Andrea Fracasso
- Università di Trento
Alessandra Russo - Università di Trento
Stefano Schiavo - Università di Trento

Tuesday 29 March 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Borderlands: Europe and the Mediterranean Middle East
Raffaella Del Sarto - John Hopkins University - SAIS Europe

Tuesday 5 April 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Populists in local government: the case of RN mayors in France
Timothy Peace - University of Glasgow

Thursday 7 April 2022, 16:30 - 18:00 (PhD Conference)

Roundtable on the Russian – Ukraine conflict: Security, Society, and Politics
Andrei Tarasov - PhD Candidate in International Studies, School of International Studies, University of Trento; Adriana Cuppuleri - PhD Graduate at the School of International Studies, University of Trento, and Peer-reviewed independent Researcher on Russia's foreign policy in the Post-soviet space; Francesco Magno - Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Eastern European History, School of International Studies, University of Trento.
Moderator: Ludovica di Lullo, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in International Law, School of International Studies, University of Trento.

Tuesday 12 April 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Targetti Lecture)

The war in Ukraine and the response of the international community: towards a new international order?
Giuseppe Nesi - Università di Trento 
Recording available here

Tuesday 26 April 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

The Ideological Scramble for Africa: How the Pursuit of Anticolonial Modernity shaped a Postcolonial Order (1945-1966) 
Frank Gerits - University of Utrecht

Tuesday 3 May 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

POSTEPONED - Autonomy and de-militarisation. The experience of the Åland islands
Sia Spiliopoulou Åkermark - Åland Peace Institute, director

Thursday 12 May 2022, 17:30 - 19:00 

La Politica Estera dell'Italia e le Sfide del Nuovo (Dis)Ordine Internazionale
Evento, promosso dallo IAI nell’ambito della Partnership Strategica con la Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo, e in cooperazione con SSI-Università di Trento

Thursday 19 May 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (SIS-Eurac Annual Lecture on Federalism)

A discordant dynamic: exploring federalism and individual rights
Erin Delaney - Northwestern University, Chicago, USA

Tuesday 24 May 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

The impact of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities (CRPD) on EU disability law and policies
Delia Ferri - Maynooth University, Department of Law  (Kildare, Ireland)

Thursday 26 May 2022, 17:30 - 18:30 (SIS Talk)

The War in Ukraine: the return of geopolitics and challenges at the EU borders
Anna Casaglia - University of Trento
Jussi Laine - University of Eastern Finland

Tuesday 31 May 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Reforming International Health Law: Towards a New Era of Pandemic Response?
Pedro A. Villarreal - Max Planck Institute for Comparative Public Law and International Law (Heidelberg, Germany)

Thursday 9 - Friday 10 June 2022 (Institutional Event)

Celebrating 20 years of the School of International Studies

Tuesday 14 June 2022, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Exceptionally wicked? Dilen climate actimmas ivism and their implications for understanding the distinctiveness of climate politics
Joost de Moor - Political Science at SciencesPo (CEE)

Fall Semester 2021/2022

Monday 20 September 2021, 09.30-17.00 (MISS Opening Seminar 2021)

Covid-19. Assessing impacts, foreseeing solutions

Tuesday 28 September 2021, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Digital Media, Climate Change, and Democracy
Suay Melisa Ozkula, Marie Sklodowska-Curie Research Fellow on the project Digi-EMP at SIS Trento

Tuesday 5 October 2021, 14:15 - 16:00 Book launch (in italian)

Il Regno Unito alla prova della BREXIT. Come sta cambiando il sistema politico britannico
Gianfranco Baldini (UNIBO), Edoardo Bressanelli (SSSA – Pisa) e Emanuele Massetti (UNITN)

Thursday 7 October 2021, 18:00 - 19:30 (Guest Lecture)

Dopo le elezioni e 16 anni di Angela Merkel: la Germania al bivio?
Silvia Merler (Algebris, UK), Gabriele D’Ottavio (UNITN), Jens Woelk (UNITN)

Tuesday 12 October 2021, 14:00 - 17:00

Graduate Student Conference - 36° cohort

Thursday 14 October 2021, 12:30 - 14:00 (SIS-EURAC Annual Lecture on Federalism)

State Nationalism and Territorial Accommodation: Founding Moments and their Legacies in Spain and India 
Daniel Cetrà (Centre on Constitutional Change – University of Edinburgh)

Tuesday 19 October 2021, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

The Role of Women in Peace Negotiations: Reflections on South Sudan
Sara Formisano, International Consultant in conflict prevention, peace building and gender

Tuesday 26 October 2021, 14:15 - 16:00 (Rotari Annual Lecture)

Green windows of opportunity for latecomer development in renewable energies 
 Roberta Rabellotti - Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali, Università di Pavia

Thursday 4 November 2021, 12:30 - 13:30 (Guest Lecture - Webinar in collaboration with the Department of Humanities)

China and Africa during the Pandemic: What is New?
Haifang Liu - Peking University, School of International Studies 

Friday 5 November 2021, 09.30:12.30 (Research Conference in partnership with Confindustria Trento)

Fondi di investimento e imprese: nuove prospettive e investimento sostenibile in Trentino

Tuesday 16 November 2021, 14:00 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

What to expect from the Conference on the Future of Europe
Prof. Alberto Alemanno - Jean Monnet Professor of EU Law and Risk Regulation at Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) Paris and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe in Bruges.

Tuesday 23 November 2021, 14:00 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

Teaching (In)Equality through Formal Curriculum: A closer look at the Grade 4 and 5 Social Studies Textbooks in Afghanistan.
Spogmai Akseer - International Consultant 

Martedì 30 Novembre 2021, 14:00 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture)

The emperor’s new clothes: COP 26 and the climate struggle
Dr. Anneleen Kenis - Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)

Thursday 2 December 2021, 12:30 - 14:00 (Book launch)

The Impact of Populism on European Institutions and Civil Society
Discussants: Luisa Antoniolli, Carlo Ruzza (UNITN)

Tuesday 7 December 2021, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture Series)

The exclusion of migrants and refugees from welfare programs in European host countries: a comparative perspective. 
Irene Landini, School of International Studies (UNITN)

Tuesday 14 December 2021, 14:15 - 16:00 (Guest Lecture Series)

Leading change by changing leadership – campaigning to promote women’s voices and Feminist organizing
Jacqueline Hale, Brussels director of Crisis Action