The Ph.D. in International Studies is a highly-selective and demanding programme, which enables Ph.D. students to achieve a standard of excellence consistent with post-graduate studies at other leading international institutions. A multi-disciplinary approach is necessary to understand a rapidly changing world, where the complex economic, institutional, social and legal developments can no longer be approached from a single vantage point. The Ph.D. programme promotes a broad and in depth knowledge of the theoretical approaches of the various disciplines underpinning International Studies (economics, law, history, sociology, political science) with the development and acquisition of analytical skills and tools needed in empirical research.

The programme, entirely in English, combines both structured coursework and individual research. The courses prepare for the elaboration of a research thesis. In the first year, Ph.D. students take a range of classes which provide them with the theoretical and empirical building blocks, necessary to understand international processes and make sense of their complexity. The first semester of the second year is dedicated primarily to preparing a thesis proposal and to designing the individual research project. In the remaining three semesters Ph.D. students concentrate on their individual research and writing of the thesis, combining research periods abroad, participation in research seminars, and discussion of their advancements. Vocational Courses (hands-on exercises on policy writing), Guest Lectures and seminars, an Academic Writing course, and Career-oriented workshops with professionals complement the programme and provide further insights into  academic  issues and the current international job market. 

The Ph.D. Programme prepares students for positions of advanced researchers in University and International Research Centres, careers in organizations and institutions working at the European or International level, government or non-governmental organizations as well as private companies operating globally. Our Alumni have successfully taken positions such as Post Docs, Researchers, tenured and non-tenured lecturers, policy making officers in international organizations. 

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