This project is part of the MA course “European and International Politics” (advanced). It is designed to offer state-of-the-art knowledge of some recent trends of theorising in the disciplinary field of International Relations. In particular, it deals with recently emerged schools and strands of literature, such as:

  1. Global IR agenda, including non-Western IR and thus acknowledging neglected voices and histories of the Global South/Global East.
  2. Intersections between IR and categories such as race, class, and gender (focusing on women’s and feminist perspectives in world politics).

During this part of the course, students work to respond to a challenge launched by the School of International Studies, that is, the development of best practices to decolonise international studies, diversifying sources, authors, actors, referent objects as well as integrating underrepresented and/or dissident perspectives. The School of International Studies indeed aims to engage with these topics. Moreover, since 2022, it has supported the “Women in International Affairs” initiative.
In the context of the course project, students thus develop virtual galleries collecting entries of subjects having contributed/contributing to the field of International Relations/Politics/Affairs and yet being silenced or invisibilised. This is a field, indeed, that has been historically dominated by male, white, Western scholars, practitioners and professionals. These virtual galleries will be launched in 2024 and expanded by future cohorts of students, academic year after year, for 3-course editions.

Virtual Galleries