in the framework of the Project 'North Africa Middle East Politics and EU Security NAMEPES (2019 – 2021)'

North Africa Middle East Politics and EU Security NAMEPES (2019 – 2021) 


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Project's goal

The project’s goal is to contribute to the increase of knowledge about the EU security and offer EU security-related strategies in relations to its neighbouring Middle Eastern and North African area (MENA). Most of the MENA countries have spent a period of political instability in the last two decades. The region, most related to Europe for both historical reasons and geographical proximity, is one of the most complex and conflictual regions in the world.
Inter-state and civil wars, terrorism, political instability and poverty have had repercussions both within the MENA borders and in the neighbouring countries. In addition to hosting important European trade routes, endowment in vast energy resources and the global energy supply security dependence give this region a greater strategic relevance. 

The Summer School

The North Africa Middle East Politics and EU Security – NAMEPES Summer School will provide its participants with a deep understanding of the relations between the MENA region and the European Union in different aspects (geopolitics, international relations, economics, law). The Summer School will also analyse in depth the domestic and foreign policy of the main regional players in the Middle Eastern politics by highlighting the role of institutions, civil society and political ideologies, particularly political Islam and nationalism.


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