The aim of the project is to examine empirically the potential link between the rise of anti-establishment parties and the increase in economic integration, with both European and non-European countries. It will study if anti-establishment parties have obtained relatively more votes across national Parliamentary elections in Italy and other European countries with available data within those regions most affected by economic integration and the recent crisis.

Research Team

Mauro Caselli, Andrea Fracasso, Carlo Ruzza, Stefano Schiavo

Post-doc Fellow

Silvio Traverso

Recent publications relevant to the project

Caselli, M., Fracasso A., and S. Traverso 2020. Globalization, robotization and electoral outcomes: Evidence from spatial regressions for Italy" Journal of Regional Science, forthcoming, 
Caselli, M., Fracasso A., and S. Traverso 2019 Globalization and electoral outcomes: Evidence from Italy. Economics & Politics  32: 68-103.
Caselli, M, Fracasso A, and S. Traverso 2018 "Globalization and electoral outcomes. Evidence from Italy", DEM Working  paper 2018/7 and EconPol Working Paper 10, May 2018.