The environment research cluster brings together researchers and professors across the many disciplines that find a home at the School of International Studies. Core themes related to environmental research currently covered in the cluster include access to resources; the role of science, scientists and future imaginaries; links between environment and human rights; environmental governance from the local to the global level; and links between environment and conflicts, security and securitisation. All of these themes are approached by colleagues with expertise in different disciplines, ranging from environmental economics to international law, and from sociology to political geography. The themes approached in the environment research cluster are far from static - colleagues are at the forefront of emerging questions in this crucial field, seeking to provide answers about how best to manage different aspects of environmental problems, and bringing the latest insights to their teaching on Masters degrees offered at the School.

Cluster's Members

  Research interests
Stefano BENATI Voting Games, Cluster Analysis, Decision Science
Luigi BONATTI Growth Theory and Theory of Sustainable Development, Macroeconomics and International Economics, Rationality and Public Choices
Anna CASAGLIA Political and Economic Geography, Border Studies and Bordering Processes, Urban Geography
Sara LORENZINI International History, Contemporary European History, Development Aid
Francesca MUSSI International Law, Human Rights Law, Refugee Law
Giuseppe NESI International Law, Law of International Institutions, International Human Rights
Louisa PARKS Transnational Social Movements, Civil Society, European Union Politics, European Parliament, Global Environmental Politics, Political Ecology.
Marco PERTILE The Law of Armed Conflicts, International Law and Natural Resources, Human Rights Protection
Stefano SCHIAVO International Economics, Network Analysis