Deputy Director



Pejman ABDOLMOHAMMADI International Agreements; Double Degree Program SIS-MUP; Erasmus+ Program; Orientation
Luisa ANTONIOLLI Library acquisitions; Outreach
Stefano BENATI Digital University Project; Programma UNI.Team e TOPSport
Luigi BONATTI Equity and Diversity Policies
Matteo BORZAGA Alumni; Security
Manuela BRAGAGNOLO Stage, Placement, Erasmus Placement, TALETE Program
Sondra FACCIO Social media
Michela FACCIOLI Institutional activites' Calendar
Georgios GLOUFTSIOS Applied Labs
Emanuele MASSETTI Quality Assurance (Teaching programmes, Research, Third Mission); Research
Francesca MUSSI Applied Labs
Stefano PALESTINI Institutional activites' Calendar
Giacomo PALLANTE School of Innovation; Foreign Languages, CLA
Louisa PARKS Research Integrity; Open Access and Anti Plagiarism Policy
Marco PERTILE Teaching Activties and Master's Degrees' Coordination, Innovative Teaching
Kate RILEY Foreign Languages, CLA
Umberto TULLI Scholars at Risk
Jens WOELK Relations with the Universities signing the EUREGIO Agreement