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Current Post-doc Fellows 

  Area of research interest
Sondra FACCIO International Law, EU Trade Policies, Trade disputes
Silvio TRAVERSO Economic Integration and Anti-Establishment Voting, International Migration and Household Food & Nutrition Security, Development Economics
Francesco CHIESA Political philosophy; Applied ethics; Multiculturalism; Liberalism; Theories of Justice

Past Post-doc Fellows

  Area of research interest
Peng BIN Regional Disparity in China; Chinese Growth; Structural Change
Martina SARTORI CGE Modeling for Climate Change Impacts, Environmental and Natural Resource Economics, Virtual Water Trace 
Chiara SISLER EU Law, Interaction between EU Law and International Law, Financial and Economic Crisis Management, Economic and Monetary Union, Banking Union
Vito TODESCHINI International Law, International Humanitarian Law, EU Trade Policies, Civil Wars, Annexation, Occupation
Serena TOMASI Philosophy of Law, Argumentation Theory,  Legal Reasoning, Critical Thinking, Rhetoric
Umberto TULLI International History, The Crisis of the Seventies, European Integration and Transatlantic Relations
Paolo TURRINI International Legal Theory, International Economic Law, International Environmental Law